Friday, December 28, 2007


When we get over an inch of snow, my warm weather friends are so excited for me. I LOVE snow. I LOVE winter. I love how at night the fresh snow appears to have diamond dust on it. I love how silent the world around me becomes. I love the crunching sound the boots I love make as I'm shoveling curvy pathways around the house and up the front walk. What I spared these friends is this. What the plows leave behind. Giant plows come swooshing thru parking lots and alleys and streets creating what you see above. I don't understand the phenomenon, but no matter the temperatures, you can see them still sometimes until just before the Fourth of July, getting stuck with Slurpee cups and cigarette butts and jump ropes and quantities of spit, etc. I was walking to my car thru a parking lot yesterday and the glove above began to wave at me. As I didn't have my pick-ax in the car, I just couldn't help out. Besides, I didn't want to be the person to tell whomever I found, that all of their groceries had been stolen. And the little leaf? He's going to find himself on some verdant summer lawn, totally out of place and alone. The crunch probably knocked sheer out of him. Snows great, but whatever this stuff is? Beeee-ware the plows.
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