Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Miracle...

On Easter Sunday afternoon, as I was clearing out debris from our old flowerpots, the dirt in one began to 'breathe'....ever so slowly a teensy face looked up at me from beneath loose fur and straw and leaves and mud...and this little guy peeked up at me, barely able to open it's to it, another baby bun was burrowing for warmth. Both could easily fit into the palm of your hand. It well explains why on Thursday when I sat in a chair in the yard next to this particular pot, a large bunny ambled over and just sat thisclose, listening to me chatter on to her about how pretty she was, while i assumed i must be the bunny whisperer or friend of the forest animals, when apparently the truth was, I was inches from her nursery instead. Having JUST read about humans needing to leave these critters alone, and not feed them, handle them or give them water, i took my pix and called Donald over to come see and we let them be. Today i'll just worry about the rain/cold/oppossum, hawks/life, and hope they grow up and prosper, but soon, in someone elses yard.
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