Saturday, June 13, 2009

On My Bike Ride...The Yeshivah Boys Attempt to Play Baseball

What first got my attention was the arguing. "He's safe!" "He's OUT." "It was a foul ball." "It was fine." "Don't tell me what I saw."
"Don't tell ME what I saw." "He can't run." "He CAN run." On and on and on and louder and louder. What kept my attention, was how much this boy looked like my husband did at this age. Everything about him was familiar to me. It was fun being swept back into the past..and then I thought I was probably scaring him -- shooting photos, staring, staying...smiling, staring, shooting. His team lost. No
surprise there. Sandy Koufax notwithstanding - a Jewish boy needs another dream. Baseball players, they are not.
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