Sunday, April 20, 2008

Names have been changed...

So my husband, Handsome Giovanni and I, take a walk to Glarstucks to pick up coffee grounds for the flowerbeds, and eagle-eyed me, Sweet Rapunzel, notices blood in quite an abundant droppage, leading either FROM Glarstucks into the alley or the alley INTO Glarstucks, and I begin taking pictures of it all. In no time, the manager, Barney Rubble comes out and wants to know what I am doing (I get this a LOT)
"Why, I'm taking photos of the bloody carnage that took place here."
"It's NOT BLOOD!" Barney quickly and adamantly replies.
"So, that's your story and you're sticking to it?" Sweet Rapunzel asks as she leads him over to the doorplate and shows him the blood there and on the carpeting inside.
Barney Rubble lights up a cigarette. I continue taking shots to Barney's annoyance (I get this a lot too). When I am satisfied I have enough, Handsome Giovanni and I begin the walk home. You be the judge.
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