Friday, April 18, 2008

The Sign. It WAS. I'm Positive.

The first thing I see when I begin my walk is this mitten in-a-tree. Innocent enough. All around the park I'm reciting the nursery rhyme 'three little kittens they lost their mittens, and they began to cry' etc etc...when I pass the tree again, and my Brownie training kicks in. There weren't THREE little kittens here, it's clearly a signal from someone put into the Witness Protection Program - a) the mitten is hot pink, sort of a secret code the Program uses (watch for it next winter)...b) it's high up in the tree and clearly pointing North and c) the Witness Protection Program ID bracelet is hanging just behind it (don't ASK how I know about these things, I just DO - you get your new names once you've arrived at your destination). This family member must be cutting secrecy ranks and letting their little playmates know where they've been sent ... more clues..d)they are LEFT HANDED...if i'd had the time, I'm sure I could have travelled in a northernly direction and found more of them until I either caught up with this perp or found him/her in a shallow grave...SOME people cannot be rehabilitated no matter how you try...
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