Monday, September 8, 2008

My rides are pretty sacred stress busters...

so when he wanted to come along yesterday, I thought 'Cool!'... but in the course of an hour, he was angrily honked at for cutting off a driver, jockeyed through traffic racing towards him, rode on the wrong side of the street in the shade where he was pretty much invisible, almost fell off his bike twice, wore a helmet, but had all of the straps on only one side of his face, giving him an odd 'i'm-a-little-insane' look, probably stopped a very elderly man from ever driving thru an alley again, broke every biker law that's ever been on the books, got us totally lost on the way home...and actually said as we were putting away our bikes, 'aside from that person honking for no reason, this was a great ride, right?!'....I pretty much needed the rest of the afternoon to recoup and stop shaking.
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