Thursday, November 27, 2008

'The expression of praise as thanksgiving, gratitude, and joy is among the most powerful forms of affirmation.' Catherine Ponder

My list of gratitude is enormous. First and foremost, I am grateful for the love of my husband who is my best friend and my joy. For my beautiful daughter and her brilliant Desi. For my health and theirs. For my wonderful friends, old and new, present and online. For the roof over our heads. For the 37th Thanksgiving dinner I will be cooking in my own kitchen today and all of the ones that came before, including the first, when I could not find the dark meat and insisted my turkey came without any. For my husband's office staff who care for him when I cannot. For my daughter's bosses who are kind, brilliant, caring and generous. For the staff that she loves. For the job that she rushes to early and happily each morning. For laughter, for adversity, and the lessons that both offer and help me to grow. For our TempurPedic bed. For happy surprises. For reunions and goodbyes that bring reunions closer again. For my cameras. For this country and the leadership to come. For Mayor Daley even though he isn't my Mayor. For the ability to find gratitude in a lot and a little. For today and hopefully tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!
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