Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Big Mistake this sign...

First of all, it's only written in English. At this park, almost every 'babysitter' or 'nanny' is Hispanic or Polish and sit with cellphones glued to their ears chatting away in their native tongue whilst their charges probably walked or rolled right past this sign as it's up so high and they can't read. As to the rest, who thinks of these things?! I grew up breaking most of these rules because no one bothered with signs in the old days whatsoever...you were lucky to learn not to walk too close to the swings or someone would kick you in the head, and to stay off the slides if someone with wet pants or diapers slid down before you...face first OR feet first. Twisting the swings? What fun that was...sheesh. And who is inspecting the play area before starting to play AND removing litter? C'mon. Parks were once so much fun..now they are work, and they are scary, but definitely multilingual.
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