Saturday, February 2, 2008


By the time a person has reached a certain age, that could be voted upon and and made into law for example, if they've never been arrested or even accused of let's say a snatch and grab or a hide and keep or a crime of any kind at all, I believe they should not be asked to 'check their bag.' I find it annoying and I don't go along with it as a matter of principle. I walk around the signs that say 'please check your bag at the counter' and when asked 'would you like to check your bag?' (by some dolt who has clearly misphrased what he wanted to say and turned it into a question), respond firmly 'No, I do not,' which pretty much ends it, but still... it's the whole idea itself, that by now, pisses me off as my 'bag' is really personal and I don't always like to share. I like to keep it on me. So I thought that after the law is passed, rather than have to stop and show an i.d., one could plop on a sticker, handed out by the state, to prove that he/she is 'super
duper' or 'A #1' and definitely way over being hassled. Right?
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