Monday, February 18, 2008

Scares me ......

The first time I saw one of these signs, it stopped me in my tracks. I worked in the Hancock Building and got off the bus and there it was. I read it, I looked up, I was frozen in place. It was a far far walk from the bus stop into the building and seemed farther now that I had to watch for 'falling ice' on earth? Look UP! No no, do NOT look up! With the Chicago winter sky the shade of 'none' most of the season, although some people say 'grey'....i'm thinkin' that ice would be invisible if you stood and watched for it. If you walk and look up, you're bound to have a disaster happen, as paying attention to where one is walking on ice and snow is pretty basic. And although I haven't worked in the Hancock for many years now, the signs still exist there and all over the city. My basic plan is teeter on the curbs as I walk, and when I get directly in front of the building I must go into, speedrace from the curb as fast as I can. So far, so good. Jeez.
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