Thursday, January 31, 2008

30 below with the windchill factor

That's how cold it was when I woke up yesterday morning. By noon, it was a balmy 25 below, so of course I decided to head out to the beach. The parking lot was full as usual, and walking down the steps was a bit treacherous what with the ice and a light dusting of snow. Imagine my disappointment when I first began to see the very tops of the Lifeguards stands. They were pointed East and South, but clearly the message was that we would not be safe entering the water to the North off of the rocks. So be it, but finally getting down there, I saw a clearer message. No entering the beach with the snow fence and those formidable 'No Lifeguard on Duty' signs. What weiners! And, I can never get a no-line tan with the sun slatting off of the fence. Plus, it's always uncomfortable lying on snowy sand anyways. I couldn't even look for seashells or the lucky finds of smooth beach glass, as by now I was too stiff with cold to leap the barrier and break a beach rule. I'll try again another day.
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