Saturday, January 12, 2008

Checking my list

I was at Costco yesterday with my list. A couple of loaves of bread to feed the birds, dishwashing detergent, my February magazines, a box of tomatoes, baby salad greens, a roasted chicken to drop off for Alan and Duke, Ilford pearl photo paper... let's see, what did I forget to write down that I knew we needed? Darn...OH THATS RIGHT, OUR CASKETS.....right next to the gargantuan birdseed boxes! How did I miss that? There are always lots of people in the freezing vegetable/fruit room, and lots of people near the milk and free samples, but somehow there's never a soul down the aisle with the casket bits. And no one is ever balancing a casket in their cart in the checkout line either, that I've noticed. I love the sign on the upper right that state's that buying your casket here at Costco is 'Non-Emotional'....fairly inexpensive, all things considered, but non-emotional it's not...even passing by. Plus, they are only big enough for one's feet which adds to the disturbing atmosphere in the casket aisle as well...who can feel the cushy velvety insides? How do we know what's happening in there? And while customers get the chance to sit on the leather couches and chairs or swing on the playsets, or can even try on the cashmere sweaters, no one's given the opportunity to lie down and check out the feel of one of these. Why is that? Classy touch though, the urn of fake ferns...or, is that really what that urn is all about? Hmmmmm.
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