Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An Admission

This began in my early 20's. My mother said, 'It's a sickness. You only have one mouth.' And I'd wave her off. This drawer contains most of them. It is very deep and long, and packed. Other's are in random purses, the car, my dressing table, pockets, backpacks. I like finding them like that, but not as much as I like going to a drugstore and heading to the lipstick aisle, because I just don't have enough yet. Sometimes, it's okay to just take one off of a display, twist it open and draw a line on the top of my hand and put it back. My hand isn't the same color as my lips, so it's never going to look that way, but I'm happy enough having colored stripes. Other times, I'll need to make a purchase and put it into the drawer, and perhaps go back tomorrow and get another just in case it's discontinued any time soon. Or Burt loses his lipstick-making bees. My husband has long stopped understanding. If he calls my cell and I'm in that aisle and he asks 'what're you doing?' I'll lie and say 'foraging for food.' If he's with me and the lipsticks begin calling me in their direction, he's long stopped believing, 'oh I saw one for (fill in the blank), I think I'll pick it up for her,' and tells me in his work voice 'you don't need any more lipstick.' But I really do. Certainly men don't 'get' this. It's the one makeup item I adore. I like the whole process of deciding which one, and sliding it on, and smacking my lips and standing back and seeing how it brightens up my face. I wear it everyday. I don't wear any to the dentist, but I put it on before I leave her chair. I like the swivel in the tube. I like the way you can control the shape and change it to rounded or keep it half pointy. I never throw any away unless they've got sand in them or they break in half or lose their swivel or wind up being matte which scrape and distort my lips when I apply it. I don't like buying them in department stores where someone 'helps'...I like the inexpensive drugstore variety. I like a LOT of choices, and no one bothering me. You will see some Clinique in there, but those were the sneaky results of offering to get my husband some shaving cream during a promo...'ooh, I'll go get that for you.' (heh heh heh). I'm not hurting anyone, and no, the drawer doesn't completely close any longer..but what's the harm? What's the foul? I can't help myself. I have a little sickness.
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