Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Printer! Yippeeeeee!

Our old printer either died or didnt. Was compatible with our Windows Vista or it wasnt. Could be fixed or not. We wouldn't have really known. Technology has left us both behind in the dust. After much and not much advice from a variety of 'experts', we brought home a really huge box that, for a week, was an end table, a mail holder, a coffee rest and a footstool and then we hired to please come and open it. This is Chris, who is intelligent, well mannered, confident, kind and competent. He came on time, he didn't laugh at the huge box or our lack of knowledge. He never looked at the instruction book. He dismantled the old printer, he set up the new one, he didn't talk in a language we couldn't comprehend and then step-by-step, he went through every function and had us try to do it all. And, miracle of miracles, we could do it. Fax, scan and print. Change the ink and the paper. Make a tuna melt in the paper feed. So, if you need computer repair or installation, training, software or hardware setups or networking help, or are lost and confused, call him at 888.300.9985 or email him at
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